About Us

Welcome to the English Explosion Family! We’re beyond excited you’re here.

We are honored when our members say that English Explosion is by far the best English learning method they have ever used. 

Our goal is simple: to get you speaking fluently as quickly as possible, and to have fun in the process.

The one thing we can't stress enough is this process doesn't have to be complicated! In fact, it shouldn't be complicated!

Whether you’ve been learning English for a long time, or you’re just starting… we’re here to help you.

Our thousands of students in over 100 countries, have found success by removing the complexity that schools and textbooks seem to encourage. These are regular people from all walks of life, not language experts with years of experience studying English; they just kept it simple and took action. 

To become a Fluent English Speaker does not require you to live in an English speaking country or have a special language ability. 

What’s needed is a sound intellectual framework for learning and the ability to keep your mind focussed on that framework. 

Our courses precisely and clearly prescribe the proper framework and they supply the emotional and mental discipline you need to have. If you follow the behavioral and learning principles that we teach, you will get amazing results from our lessons.

Today, English Explosion provides training seminars throughout the world for students, schools, businesses and English teachers.

It's time for you to Start Speaking English like a native.