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How to Stop Translating in Your Head & THINK in English Like a Native

Nov 07, 2017

Stop translating in your head when you speak English and start speaking fluent, natural English without hesitating.


Get Fluent In English With This Trick - Become A Confident English Speaker

Nov 07, 2017

There is just 1 thing you must change about the way you learn to start speaking fluent English confidently.




Oct 31, 2017

Hi guys today I want to talk to you about your English Learning Habits. Focussing on your English learning is something many people struggle with. The combination of distracted thoughts and poor daily habits can steer you towards boredom, fatigue or laziness. Now this is not a surprise because not everyone has developed daily habits that will help them become productive and successful. For most people learning English, training is needed. MOST people who want to improve their English speaking struggle with Productivity, Necessity and Energy. Many people find it hard to maintain the mental focus needed to excel in their English learning. The good news is? You can improve your habits quickly. But first I want you to think about these 2 questions. How BAD do you want to change your English Speaking right now? How committed to reaching the next level of English Fluency are you REALLY?    If those questions fire you up,...


English Fluency - The Motivation Factor

Oct 29, 2017

So you want to improve your English speaking and you know how important it is for you future. But are you 100% committed to your English learning? In this video you are going to learn how effort, desire, and affect can contribute to you English fluency success.



Oct 28, 2017

Can you "predict" if you will achieve your goal of speaking English fluently?

 If you can answer yes to each of these indicators and if each of these categories applies to you then this will help us predict your success AND design better goals for your learning path.

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